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What is Kalms?

It's easy to offer advice on stress relief, but for many sufferers acting on it can be rather more difficult.
Lifestyle changes are easier to make with the support of family and friends together with the help of a herbal stress remedy like Kalms.

Kalms tablets contain a unique combination of pure plant extracts that help you cope with the stresses of everyday living and are not known to be habit - forming.

Kalms Day Pocket Pack is traditional herbal remedy used for the temporary relief of worry, irritability and the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Our range includes: Kalms Tablets and the handy Kalms Day Pocket Pack.

    Kalms Tablets

    Our original way to keep Kalms.

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    Kalms Day
    Pocket Pack

    Handy pack you
    can take anywere.

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